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Bucket Excavator

Bucket Excavator

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Excavator Bucket Type

Bucket excavator is a spare part used for heavy equipment. There are various types of excavator buckets, to make it easier for you, here's the discussion:

1. Standard excavator bucket

The excavator stander bucket is an attachment that attaches directly to the excavator's machine. The standard bucket is made of steel plate where the edges are quite sharp. The sharp edge of this excavator bucket is often used to facilitate the process of excavating and lifting materials.

The standard bucket excavator has a large shape and can be used to carry a lot of material because it has a large enough space to transport various kinds of rocks, dig soil for irrigation and canals, and help with various other jobs.

2. Slope Finishing Bucket Excavator

The slope finishing excavator bucket has a flat bottom shape compared to other types of buckets. This excavator bucket is widely used in the process of leveling the ground surface, both for road projects and other activities.

Because it has a wider and flatter shape, the slope finishing bucket excavator can also be used in the process of compacting the soil surface, canals, river banks, foothill areas, to roads.

3. Trapezoid Bucket Excavator

This type of bucket for this type of excavator is widely used in the construction of irrigation canals or canals. In general, excavator buckets have a box shape, so this trapezoid bucket has a shape like a large V.

The V shape of this bucket is used for making waterways or installing pipelines. The bottom of the trapezoid bucket excavator can be used to increase the digging depth, while the left and right sides can be used to increase the width.

4. Ripper Bucket Excavator

This excavator bucket has a shape resembling a tooth or like a long nail. Ripper buckets are generally used for digging very hard and deep penetrating materials.

Examples of its use such as excavation of soil with large rocks or excavation of clay types. The ripper bucket itself has several types that can be used in various activities. Such as single ripper, double ripper, and multi ripper. A single ripper or single ripper can be used to prepare the land to be excavated, especially on rocks and to remove the roots of tree trunks that are too large and strong.