Brass Cable Gland

Brass Cable Gland

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Brass cable gland is one of the electrical appliance accessories that is used as an adhesive and a safety end of the cable. Installation of cable glands aims to protect cables from outside disturbances such as friction, jamming and others.

Cable glands have 6 types, namely brass indoor glands, brass outdoor glands, brass straightening unarmored cable glands, weatherproof brass glands, PG threaded glands and industrial glands. The function of the Brass Cable Gland can be adapted to various types of cable glands. You can buy cable glands at suppliers that sell brass cable glands such as

Brass Cable Gland

Brass Cable Gland is a cable protector that attaches, protects and acts as a cable connector or electrical device. Cable glands keep cables immovable and safe. Interference from the outside can cause cable jams, defects in the skin of the cable and others. The material for making this cable gland is material from brass which is rust and anti corrosion.

Brass cable glands are used for cables found outside the room or in places that cause cables to become damaged. The function of the Brass Cable Gland as a shield can be applied to hazardous areas that have high explosive potential. Cable glands can isolate the air so that vapors that can cause an explosion cannot enter and trigger fires.

Brass Cable Gland is a protector that can be used by all types of SWA cables, plastic or rubber cables. Outdoor cable gland can be used outdoors because it has high quality and is designed for outdoor.

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