Safety Box

Safety Box

Buy safe or fire-resistant electronic or digital safety boxes or steel materials at cheap prices from the nearest supplier, importer, distributor in Indonesia. Safety box functions to store various types of objects or valuables such as money, jewelry, important and confidential documents. To procure this valuable item storage equipment you can directly submit a purchase request with a wide selection of brands, sizes, models and other specifications that you can get from all sellers in Indotrading. You can do a variety of prices and ways to purchase either wholesale or units easily, because the procurement of goods for companies both offices, shops in Indotrading through online tenders so that you can also directly receive the best offers and can also directly compare quality and others.

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Types of Safes Based on the Lock and How It Works

Before buying storage equipment made of steel or iron, you should also be aware of the access control system or type of storage cabinet lock you want to buy and use for storage purposes such as valuables such as money, jewelry and important documents such as securities that you have. Here are some iron storage areas which are distinguished by their locking system:

  1. Portable / Mini Safety Box, is a type of small metal storage cabinet that is commonly used to store a variety of valuable objects such as jewelry and money that is easy to carry anywhere.
  2. Padlock Lock Safety Box, is a cabinet made of iron which is generally very large in size which still uses a manual locking system using a padlock.
  3. Play Lock Safety Box, is a storage device that is shaped like a cabinet with steel material that uses a swivel lock.
  4. Digital Lock Safety Box, a storage cabinet that is made with iron or steel which is strong fire and water resistant or waterproof which is currently the latest technology that uses a digital or electronic access control or locking system by entering numeric passwords, fingerprints.

The prices of fire and water resistant safes are cheap in Indonesia

Need goods to store a variety of valuable objects that are fire resistant and waterproof with the best choice of steel or iron materials at low prices competitive quality. For price information and complete specifications in Indotrading or from various suppliers, distributors in Indonesia you can directly see the price list below, or can also simply submit a purchase request to all sellers in

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Brother Safe Deposit Box Ds 10 A Rp. 1,842,750
Krisbow Fireproof Fireproof Safe 137460 KW20-94 Rp. 9,178,000
Fire Retardant Krisbow 137463 KW 20-95 Rp. 13,278,000
Honeywell 5911 Play Lock Rp. 5,350,000
Yale YSV 250 DB1 Digital Key Rp. 1,350,000
Yale YCB 090 BB2 Manual Key Rp. 207,450

The Best Safes, Suppliers and Distributors in Indonesia

Want to find and buy storage equipment made of the best steel which is strong fire-resistant and water that is not easily broken? Or search for the best safe brands in Indonesia according to the specifications you need, the answer is in, here you will get a large selection of the best storage equipment from various suppliers, importers and distributors, the largest, most complete and best in Indonesia. Not only that, generally industrial goods seller companies in Indotarding provide a very large stock of goods with a choice of prices that you can certainly adjust to your various needs. So what are you waiting for? You can directly submit a purchase request to all safety box suppliers in Indotrading right now.

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