TV Bracket

TV Bracket

Buy universal tv brackets and all models of lcd or led tv brands at the lowest prices for North Bayou, Kenzo, Digimedia, Looktech brands and others from the closest, cheapest and most complete distributor / supplier in Indonesia. TV bracket or tv hanger is a TV stand that is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. Television brackets are made of certain metal alloys that are light enough but strong enough to support loads up to several kilos. This television bracket is increasingly popular as the proliferation of flat screen tvs, both LCD, LED and Plasma. With a relatively more affordable price, tv bracket is increasingly in demand by consumers. To get various types and models of brackets for tv that are either special or universal, you can simply submit a request to buy at the best price and competitive quality from all distributors or sellers in

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Cheap TV Bracket Prices for Various Television Brands in Indonesia

Although there are many types of good television which are distinguished by brand, model, screen size and other specifications. You can easily search and find all types of brackets or models for various brands of tv as you want to buy by looking at the list of estimated prices or submitting a request to buy a tv hanger directly from distributors in

TV Bracket / Hangout Size Estimated Price
Universal 14-32 inch LCD / LED TV Bracket Rp. 80,000
Universal 22-43 Inch LCD / LED TV Bracket Rp. 145,000
Universal 40-42 Inch LCD / LED TV Bracket Rp. 170,000
Universal 46-65 Inch LCD / LED TV Bracket Rp. 250,000

Distributor of TV Bracket / LED TV Bracket at Low Prices in

Are you looking for a tv hanger distributor for the needs of your store or your company? Looking for a special type of bracket that is used for each brand of tv or want to find also universal tv bracket models that can be used for all brands or models of tv, everything you want to find can be found in Why, because here there are many suppliers and distributors of brackets for televisions with quality materials, prices and brands with a complete selection and easy buying methods for procurement in large quantities. All your needs you can directly submit a request or purchase request directly through the application ordering goods for large quantities through the RFQ system.

TV Bracket Types and Models

There are so many types or models of television brackets that are also often referred to as these tv hangers. Generally these various models are distinguished based on these models can be used for any TV brand. Because each TV generally has a different bolt hole and nut for different purposes in order to attach or attach the TV to the TV holder that is attached directly to the TV and the TV holder that is stuck to the wall or that supports directly on the wall. To find out some models of tv hangers based on the TV brand, you can see the following explanation:

  • LG TV bracket, is a type of tv hanger that is specifically used for LG brand led tv models.
  • Sony TV Bracket, this bracket is a model that is designed only for Sony brand type tv.
  • Panasonic TV Bracket, a special TV hanger only used for various brands of TVs with the Panasonic brand.
  • Samsung TV Brackets, various types of designs and models of hangers for Samsung brands.
  • Toshiba TV Bracket, is a type and model specifically for connecting led tv to the wall with the Toshiba TV brand.
  • Polytron TV bracket, made with a special design for the Polytron television model and type.
  • Sharp TV Bracket, the design of making this bracket specifically used for Sharp brand types of tv.
  • Universal TV Bracket, is a tv bracket / hanger that can be used for various types, models and brands of different tev or in other words all types of led tv can use this tv hanger.

TV Bracket Size / TV Hanger

Before choosing and buying a bracket for your led tv or lcd at home or for procuring lots of goods, you should also know the size of the tv bracket / hanger in advance so that you don't make a mistake. and buy the bracket that you want to buy. Here are some types of brackets for tv that are distinguished based on the size of the TV screen:

LED / LCD TV 46 inch - 65 inch, this tv size uses 75cm x 51cm bracket
LED TV / LCD 40 inch - 42 inch, the size of this tv uses a 40cm x 40cm bracket
LED TV / LCD 22 inch - 32 inch, the size of this tv uses a 20cm x 20cm bracket size

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