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Bracket AC

Bracket AC

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What is Bracket AC

Cheap AC Bracket Prices for Various Types of AC Brands in Indonesia

Again need procurement of goods for various needs such as bracket for ac complete range of sizes that can be installed or used to support various types of ac both small capacity to the largest. All types of brackets for the ac support you can find and order directly from all the sellers in Indotrading.

Bracket size for AC Estimated Price
A Set of AC Indoor Bracket / Indoor AC Holder Rp. 42,000
A Set of Outdoor AC Bracket / Outdoor AC Holder Rp. 80,000

Buy a TV Bracket from a Distributor / Supplier in Indotrading.com

Get various types of brackets of all sizes with quality materials from an optional stainless steel plate that is not easily broken can be used for years to find and buy directly from all distributors and suppliers in Indotrading.com. You can find a variety of models and quality offered at cheap wholesale prices with options that you can compare also from some of the offers that you receive. All types of offers that you receive such as price, brand, specifications and how to purchase can you directly communicate directly to the seller only in Indotrading.com.

Indoor and Outdoor TV Bracket Functions

Brackets for ac are generally divided into two types including indoor ac brackets and outdoor ac brackets. In accordance with the mention of the bracket it is clear that the indoor bracket is a bracket that is installed in the room that is used to hold or install ac inside the room. And vice versa outdoor bracket is used to sustain or keep the air conditioner outside the room. When viewed from its shape, these two types of brackets both indoor and outdoor have different sizes and shapes, but the function is almost the same, namely as a supporting tool.