Fire Extinguisher Box

Fire Extinguisher Box

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Buy Box Fire extinguisher / box fire extinguisher tube cheap price brand Fireguard, Merdeka and others from suppliers, distributors and manufacturers is a fire extinguisher accessories that serves to store fire extinguisher tubes or fire tubes. This box is in the form of a box with a door that is generally equipped with a lock on the door. Fire extinguisher boxes are usually placed in locations that are easily accessible and also easily accessible by firefighters. Get a variety of sizes, specifications and shapes that vary from all brands of storage box APAR directly from the best quality manufacturers and suppliers only in now.

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Price of APAR Box from Supplier in Indotrading

Get various types of boxes to store APAR type fire extinguishers at the cheapest and best offer prices directly from suppliers and distributors in Before buying a product, you can compare in advance the specifications of the item you want to buy according to the price criteria or brand. For an estimated price you can directly get it through the information listed below, for the following prices can change at any time.

Box Capacity Price Range
1 kg Rp. 175,000
2.5 kg Rp. 400,000
3 kg Rp. 540,000
3.5 kg Rp. 565,000

Standard Size Box for Saving APAR

To get various types of iron boxes you can find out in advance the size of the lightweight fire extinguisher box as in the list of sizes of the fire extinguisher box as below. For this size it is usually used or adjusts the size of the tube too.

Length Height Width
66 cm 55 cm 15 cm
100 cm 80 cm 18 cm
125 cm 75 cm 18 cm
95 cm 66 cm 20 cm

Buy a fire extinguisher box / light fire extinguisher box from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors

To get various types of boxes that are used to store various types of strong lightweight fire extinguishers made of strong and waterproof iron plate materials, you can directly search and get them directly from suppliers and manufacturers in Because all of these tube storage box products can store firefighters easily accessible to people around them for emergency situations when there are minor and large fires. But for the type of large extinguisher can only be stored or placed in an open location because of the size or capacity so that it cannot be inserted into the box. Find various suppliers from all over Indonesia to get direct offers from the largest and most complete producer companies from all over Indonesia only in

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