Perfume Bottle

Perfume Bottle

Selling Perfume Bottles / Fragrance Bottles at Low Prices

Buy perfume bottle spray or roll type refill / refill glass and plastic materials at cheap prices complete sizes from the closest, cheapest and most complete suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Search and find all different types of perfume bottles with a choice of unique, minimalist models that are easy to use and carry anywhere. All types or models of this bottle you can get from all the sellers or companies in Indotrading that provide various types, sizes, models and other specifications that you can choose and compare every offer you receive from distributors or suppliers that are here now too to get the lowest wholesale prices in Indonesia.

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Types of Perfume Bottles

If you are a perfume entrepreneur, surely you are familiar with various sizes of bottles for perfume that you sell to consumers. It turns out that in addition to being distinguished based on the size of the contents or the size of the bottle, the bottle for this perfume packaging turns out to have the types that you should know about, such as the following:

  1. Plastic bottle is a type of perfume bottle made using plastic materials with special specifications that are resistant to chemical contents in perfume.
  3.  Glass bottles are bottles made from selected glass materials and are specifically for storing various types of perfume or fragrance contents.
  5.   A spray bottle is a bottle made either of glass or plastic designed to use a spray or spray bottle.
  7.   Roll bottle is a bottle that is designed using a ball or roll on and how to use it is by applying perfume to clothes or the body.

The Price of Cheap Perfume Spray / Roll Bottles in Indotrading

Looking for information on the price of roll-on or spray bottles for perfume? In you can easily get various types and models of bottles for perfume that you can use for resale or for business needs for other perfume or cosmetics companies. Here you will find lots of price quotes, specifications of the best goods from suppliers and distributors with the best wholesale price deals that are certainly cheaper and more quality. In addition, you can also directly make requests for procurement of goods directly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Type / Motive Estimated Price
Roll on 10 ml glass material bottles Rp. 7,000
Glass bottle with 8 ml glass lid Rp. 1,500
8 ml clear glass bottle Rp. 1,500
1 dozen 1 dozen roll on glass bottles Rp. 20,000
100 ml plastic spray bottle Rp. 2,000
30 ml plastic spray bottle Rp. 1,200
25 ml plastic color bottle Rp. 2,200

Supplier, Distributor of Glass and Plastic Perfume Bottles in Indonesia

After you get various information on the price of perfume or fragrance packaging bottles with the price range as above, you can immediately easily submit a request to buy a perfume bottle to all types of sellers in You can directly select the company that you want, for example, have found a bottle that suits what you want to buy, immediately make a request to the company immediately, but if you haven't been able to directly make a request to all suppliers in Indotrading so you will easily and quickly be able to compare The product offer you're looking for.

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