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Borescope Components

Every borescope or device used to see inside a very small space or internal organs of the body, has these basic parts:

  • A lens (eyepiece) at the end
  • The lens at the other end
  • Light source with an optical fiber cable that allows images to be transmitted from the lens to the eyepiece.

Types of Borescope

1. Rigid Borescope
A rigid borescope has the shape of a thin telescope that uses a lens system to capture images and send them to the lens in real time. This tool has a combined lens system used for image transmission.

2. Semi-rigid Borescope
Semi-rigid borescope combines rigid and flexible borescopes elements. In general, this type of borescope has a small size, less than 1 millimeter in diameter.

3. Flexible Borescope
Flexible borescope is the most modern technology of a borescope. This type of borescope is used in exploratory examinations in medicine, in mechanical non-destructive tests for small spaces such as aircraft engines, and in engineering it is used in crevices of concrete structures.

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