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Borax is a mixture of mineral salts that have a high concentration, generally used as a mixture of floor cleaners, pest control and glass blends. Nowadays there are many people who often use borax as a mixture of food ingredients such as in crackers and gendar. But unfortunately, this has an impact that is not good for the health of the body. So it is recommended to use it as a chemical mixture only (other than food). You can also get it directly from authorized distributors and suppliers available in Indotrading.

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Borax Utilization in Household Needs

Almost every society is certainly already popular with a chemical called borax, which is a preservative that functions to make a material or product durable. Due to its bad health, the use of borax can only be mixed with certain products such as the following:

  • Toilet cleaners
Often housewives find it difficult to clean their toilets from stubborn dirt. But with borax, you can clean it easily in a short time. The method is simply by pouring some borax powder into the toilet, then let it sit for a few hours then flush with plain water.

  • Pesticides
In order for your plants to avoid pests that can threaten soil fertility, use borax powder as a pest exterminator mixed with sugar, then sprinkle around plants that are often attacked by pests such as cockroaches, fleas and ants.

  • Cookware and Dish Cleaners
Borax can also be used as a substitute for dishwashing soap and provides shiny cleaner results. The method is very easy, which is to mix 2 teaspoons of borax powder then give a little water then rub it on a plate or dirty cookware.

  • Glass Blend Material
In the industrial world, borax is often used as a mixture of glass-making materials which serves to strengthen the glass layer and withstand heat.

  • Eliminating Adhesives
Decorating the walls with adhesive will of course have an impact on the dirty and sticky walls. To overcome this, you can mix a little bit of borax powder with clean water, then spray it on the wall affected by the adhesive.

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