Plastic Pellets

Plastic Pellets

Plastic pellets are the main ingredients for making plastic-based products. This tiny object itself is made of a substance called Styrene Monomer which is mixed with other chemicals and then through a heating and molding process to form a cylinder. This material is much loved because it is very functional to support industrial needs, especially for packaging. This material has many advantages including being resistant to heat, being a conductor, and having a light mass. In addition, this material is also very easy to get, one of which is available in at a cheaper price from a trusted supplier.

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Know the Types of Plastic Pellets

This type of seed has the highest level of security compared to other types of seeds. Commonly used for making beverage bottles, detergent bottles, spices and other food packaging. Its bubbling nature makes it easy to form seeds.Unlike the HDPE type, this type is not recommended to be used repeatedly, especially when exposed to hot water. This can cause dangerous carcinogenic reactions that cause cancer.

Its rigid nature, does not emit odors and is resistant to chemicals makes this type of seed often used as laboratory equipment, stationery and textiles. Same with HDPE, the character of this seed is also safe enough to be used repeatedly.

  • PS plastic (PolyStyrene)

Usually used for making beverage bottles, but it is not recommended for repeated use because it contains Styrene which can attack the health of the brain and female reproductive organs.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chlorides

These seeds are often used as material for making plastic pipes, plastic wrappers and bottles such as perfume, detergents or jerry cans of oil. Unfortunately, this one plastic material has properties that are not environmentally friendly and very difficult to recycles.

  • Polycarbonate

Is a type of plastic material that is strong and resistant to thermal so this material is often used for making plastic roofs, plastic walls or other household appliances.

Tips to distinguish original plastic seeds and recycled plastic seeds

If you are a businessman who wants to buy this product and use it as an industrial material, you need to distinguish the plastic seed material available on the market. Because the material of this object consists of original and recycled. You need to be smart to distinguish the two so that they are not used incorrectly.

1. Recycled Plastic Pellets

  • Rougher texture

  • Longer Shape

  • Usually the logo is embedded that the product is the result of recycling or recycle products.

2. Original Plastic Pellets
  • Looks brighter and cleaner

  • Short cuts a few mm

  • Smoother and brighter if processed in the machine

  • The desired material and color transparency will be better

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Biji Plastik
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Price : Rp 17,800
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Pp Bening Super
Supplier : PT. Yokatta Makmur Perkasa
Price : Rp 13,750
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