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Organic Rice

Organic Rice

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Tips for Cooking Organic Rice to Make it Fluffy

This type of rice produces rice that is more durable or not easily stale and slimy. The best known type of organic rice is organic brown rice.

Although it can be cooked in the same way as cooking rice in general, the way to cook organic rice also has its own way of cooking it. The following tips for cooking organic rice include:

1. Soak Organic Rice for a Long Time

In the process of washing and cleaning organic rice, the time required is slightly longer than ordinary rice. Moreover, the process of washing organic red rice. Soak your organic rice for a while. This is so that the process of milling rice or rice husks using a rice milling machine that has been missed can be replaced by using the soaking water, so that the skin on the attached rice will peel off on its own.

2. Use A Sufficient Amount of Water

In addition to soaking it for a fairly long period of time, you also need to cook it with more water than normal rice. Usually the ideal ratio for cooking this type of rice is three to one or three cups and one cup of rice.

3. Mixed with White Rice

Generally, organic rice, either brown organic rice, Japanese rice, or white organic rice has a strong bland taste compared to ordinary rice. The original texture of this rice also has a higher level of flavor than ordinary rice. For this reason, the organic rice cooking process will be fluffier when mixed with ordinary rice in general. But make sure you mix it in a two to one ratio where the amount of organic fallow is more than regular rice.

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