Sewing thread

Sewing thread

Buy sewing threads at low prices, the best choice of importers, distributors and suppliers of sewing machines, the most complete and most expensive sewing thread that sells at wholesale and kilo prices. In accordance with their functions and benefits, this thread is used specifically for sewing various types of fabric using a sewing machine or a hand sewing needle. There are various types and sizes of threads used for sewing ranging from small, medium and large sizes, all of which have different specifications. Yarn is often used in sewing various types of products that are produced from fabrics that we often encounter in the textile or textile industry. The function of the yarn itself is more important to glue or combine pieces of fabric to form products such as trousers, clothes, mukena and various other types of products. For the needs of convection, you can directly submit a purchase request or request a quote for all types of special threads for sewing at low prices directly from distributors or suppliers. For you businesses or sewing equipment businesses, you can also submit a purchase request at a more affordable price by buying all types of sewing threads that are complete here.

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Sewing thread
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Kiloan / Unit Sewing Thread Price from Suppliers in Indonesia

Immediately submit your purchase request for all types of yarns that are specific to what you can resell with the most complete and cheapest option, as well as for your business and shop needs through buying requests at RFQ Indotrading . Before buying, you can also see the list of estimated prices offered by all sellers in Indonesia below.

Type of Sewing Thread Estimated Price
Yamalon sewing thread brand 500 Yards Per Dozen Rp. 15,000
Astra Yarn Sewing Thread 500 Yards Per Dozen Rp. 15,000
Toyolon 500 Yards Per Dozen sewing thread Rp. 14,500
Extra 500 Yards Per Dozen sewing thread Rp. 16,000

Find the Most Complete Importer, Supplier and Distributor of Sewing Threads in Indotrading

In you can search for various types of sewing machine equipment needs including yarn, various types of thread that you can search for and buy through suppliers in Indotrading generally sold at low prices with a complete selection because you buy goods directly from the distributor. You can easily search and buy up to thousands of threads here, specify the specifications you want to buy, then send the request to all sellers in Indotrading. After that, you will get many offers from various companies, so you can also easily compare which prices are the cheapest from the various sellers. In this way you will quickly and easily determine the supplier that you want to be your main or alternative supplier. Immediately get the ease of procurement of goods for B2B only in now.

Buy Different Types of Color Sewing Threads

If you are looking for the sewing thread you want to use for sewing, make sure the color matches the color of the fabric you want to sew. This color determination you can adjust directly to the color of the fabric so that every time you will procure yarn in large quantities and a variety of colors you will no longer determine the color. To find the color of the yarn, you can easily submit a complete specification directly by including the type of color and other information from various specifications that you have specified. Then you can immediately easily get the best color sewing thread of your choice.

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