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Sewing thread
Sewing thread
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Knitting yarn

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Types of Yarns Distinguished from the Arrangement or Material

If you want to buy thread for sewing, embroidery or knitting, you should first know the types, because to sew the fabric, of course, you must also adjust the type of fabric and the yarn must be the same, so the stitches will look unified and neater. For this reason, the following is a complete description of various types of yarns distinguished from the basic ingredients in the manufacture of yarns or yarn arrangements.

Obras Thread A special type of yarn used for making obras on fabrics.
Sewing Thread A special thread intended for sewing fabric so that the fabric.
Wolsum yarn The type used to make sum in the usual folds of clothing on shirts, kebayas and others.
Melange Thread It has various types of colors that are generally used only to decorate women's and children's clothing.
Metallic Thread Used to make motifs or decorations on clothes like kebaya and others.
jasper yarn This yarn is also only used for making decoration on clothes.
Rubber Thread Special yarn made from rubber material which functions to shrink certain parts of the clothes.
Embroidery Thread One of the common and specialized types to make embroidery on clothing and other textile products.
Embroidery Thread This is a thread specifically for making embroidery on clothing.

From the various types of yarns above, there are still several other types of yarns that you can search for and request direct offers from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading, so that all sellers can offer directly for all types of yarns that you want to buy according to your specifications want.

Yarn Prices for Cheap Sewing and Embroidery in Indonesia

Thread Name Estimated Price
White 1 Roll Polyester Yarn Rp. 7,400
White Polyester Obras 1.4 kg Rp. 12,000
1 Roll Cotton Obras Thread Rp. 10,000
TCR Phoenix 600 Gram Cotton Yarn Rp. 32,500

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