Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

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Know the Conveyor Belt Specifications

Conveyor belt is a means of transporting objects that have a large capacity. Consisting of a belt (belt) made from various kinds of materials such as rubber, plastic, leather to steel metal, which are adjusted based on the cargo transported. Relying on a simple system and easy maintenance system, generally this machine is widely used by industrial fields such as mining. In this case, you can use the time briefly to be able to transfer materials that have a large enough load from one place to another. Can be used either in a horizontal position or laid by creating speeds of up to 600 ft / m. The parts also consist of:

  • Feed hopper, useful for limiting materials to not exceed the inlet time capacity.
  • Chutter outlet, for removing material.
  • Idle drum, works following the drum round.
  • Take up, as a tire voltage regulator to stay attached to the drum.
  • Scrapper, as a barrier so that the load does not enter into the idle drum and belt.
  • Belt cleaner, functions as a belt cleaner.

Advantages of Using a Belt Conveyor

Not only reducing your workload so that it becomes easier and faster, it turns out you can also enjoy various benefits in using a conveyor belt like the following:

  • Can save costs compared to having to use trucks to move material.
  • This tool is able to work non-stop alias continuously with a distance of up to 2 kilometers in a transfer capacity of up to 2000 tons per hour.
  • Able to move material in various area conditions, even if the terrain is winding.
  • Does not require a large place or land to use this tool.

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New Product Belt Conveyor

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