Buy Bearing / Laher low price brands Nachi, SKF, NSK, FAG, Asahi and others from suppliers, importers and bearing distributors from all over Indonesia, there are thousands of products of various sizes for automotive, agricultural, industrial and used spare parts. for all other types of machinery. In Indotrading there are many sizes of lahars based on bearing codes, for example 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 623, 624 and various types with other different codes. Buy lahers in large quantities and complete sizes now also from laher suppliers from all over Indonesia who sell at the cheapest prices that you can resell or procure laher for your company.

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Ball Bearing
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Bearing Unit
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Linear Bearing
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Plain Bearing
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Roller Bearing
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Thrust Bearing

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6 Jenis Bearing yang Wajib Diketahui Pecinta Otomotif!

Penggemar otomotif, tentu sudah tidak asing ya dengan salah satu komponen bernamaBearing. Tak hanya digunakan untuk kebutuhan otomotif, bearing juga banyak digunakan untuk keperluan industri lainnya, lho! Jika Anda sedang mencari bearing untuk kebutu...

Latest Motor Bearing Price Range

Buy wholesale prices for motorcycles, cars / trucks / buses, the most complete size of agricultural and industrial machinery from a variety of the best laher brands for automotive, agricultural and industrial engine parts. All sizes that you are looking for you can get directly from all the largest and most complete laher suppliers and distributors only in Indotrading. The following table estimates the price of bearings that can be your reference before placing an order from the supplier directly.

Brands Price
SKF Rp. 25,000 / pcs
NTN Rp. 15,000 / pcs
TMK Rp. 10,000 / pcs
Yamaha Rp. 25,000 / pcs
Honda Rp. 25,000 / pcs

The list of the latest laher prices above is an estimate of the general prices sold in the market, both retail and wholesale. For the latest complete prices from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading can be cheaper because for the purchase of large quantities / wholesale usually the price will be much cheaper.

Size of Front and Rear Wheel Bearings for Motorcycles

Get various sizes of lahers such as front and rear wheel lugs on motorbikes that fit your type of motorbike, all sizes of lahers generally have a code of similarity because all types of engine axles / as mechanical equipment do indeed use adjustable sizes as well size / bearing code. Before submitting a purchase request from a supplier in you can see in advance some laher code references so that you will no longer be mistaken to determine the purchase of the laher with what code / number.

Motorcycle Type Usage Bearing Code Used
Supra X 125 Front / Rear Wheel 6201/6301
Satria FU Front / Rear Wheel 6301/6301
CB 150 R Front / Rear Wheel 6301/6301
Vixion Front / Rear Wheel 6202 & nbsp; / 6202
Ninja R Front / Rear Wheel 6202/6302

How to Read the Bearing / Laher Code

To see or read the code on various types of lahars or bearings is actually not difficult, because it is very easy to understand even though you are not at all an expert in the field of mechanical devices and spare parts. The following is how to read the front and rear wheel lahars of the Honda Supra X 125:

Supra X 125 Laher Wheel Laher Code
Front Wheel 6201
Rear Wheel 6301
  • Number 6 = Laher Type
  • Number 2 = Series Laher
  • Number 01 = laher inner diameter

Best Selected Bearing Brands from All Indonesian Suppliers / Distributors

Shopping laher in available in various brands of the best choices including Nachi, SKF, NSK, FAG, NTN, FYH, Timkern, Asahi, FAG, IKO, Fenner and various other laher brands which of course every supplier in Indotrading provides complete size from the smallest to the largest size. With the size of the laher that you have got from a trusted seller here, you can benefit from various needs such as repairing automotive vehicles, heavy equipment, agricultural machinery and industry. In addition, if you are a company or spare parts store you can sell it again by applying for a complete brand and size purchase to provide complete goods to meet all consumer needs.

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