Stud Bolt

Stud Bolt

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Planting bolts or commonly known as Dynabolt is a component that functions to unite two elements in a building. Referred to as a planting bolt because it has components such as nuts and bolts together with various types ofchemical anchor, dynabolt without chemicals, dynabolt classic and dynabolt mild steel. If you need one or all of these types of planting bolts, you can just visit the Indotrading site and buy it directly from the hands of trusted suppliers and distributors throughout Indonesia.

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Get to know some types of planting bolts

There are several types of planting bolts that are often used by the general public such as the following:

  • Chemical Anchor

We already know from the name that this one bolt relies on chemicals as a mixture. This is intended to provide durability if the bolt is used for marine industry. Generally this type of bolt consists of 2 different components namely steel anchors and chemicals as a binder.

  • Dynabolt without chemicals

Well, this bolt relies on the power system of the growing media such as concrete or ordinary brick walls which are also supported based on the specifications of the bolt itself. The way these bolts work is quite varied depending on the media used.

  • Classic Dynabolt

Is a type of bolt that is planted first simultaneously with the casting process on the structure of the building. So that the planting stage becomes more effective because it does not require planting holes at different times.

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You can find the complete nuts and bolts equipment you can buy in Indotrading. In addition to the complete choice, the quality offered is also very superior with an easy shopping process. You can freely negotiate prices with Indotrading suppliers and distributors through the offer feature. Not only sell various types of bolts and nuts, you can also find equipment for other industries such as timing belts , cylinder liners , gears and many more superior mechanical equipment in Indotrading. Immediately visit our site now!

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Baut Mur Stainless Steel Ss 304 Inch Baut Tanam
Supplier : CV. Medan Artha Karya
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan
Hex Nut
Supplier : PT Sahabat Agritama
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Bolt Stud Forklift Tcm Part Number 16215-32880-71
Supplier : CV. Karya Keluarga Diesel
Price : Rp 1
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Stud Bolt B7
Supplier : PT. Unedo Karya Prima
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Stud Bolt
Supplier : CV. Menara Sinar Agung
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Stud Bolt
Supplier : PT. Sumber Sarana Agung 4
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat