Dry Battery

Dry Battery

Selling dry batteries or dry batteries at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy dry batteries at the latest prices for cars, motorbikes and various other electronic equipment that uses batteries / batteries. Buy dry batteries / dry batteries of Yuasa, Vision, Panasonic, Luminous, Rocket, Zanetta and others from the cheapest wholesale suppliers and distributors of dry batteries. In addition to some of the many brands that we find in the market as above, usually every motorcycle company especially has its own standard battery brands such as batteries with Honda and Yamaha brand labels. To determine what batteries you can use for your motorcycle type, you can immediately check the standard specifications recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer with the same battery type specifications.

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Best Dry Battery Recommendations

What are the best types, brands and types of dry batteries that you can use for motorbikes? For types of dry batteries for motorcycles below, you can make a reference before buying a battery that meets the standard specifications for various types of your motorcycle or your customers.

1. Yuasa YTZ7V MF (Rp. 330,000)
2. Yuasa YTZ5S MF (Rp. 185,000)
3. Yuasa YTZ4V (Price: Rp. 225,000)
4. Yamaha NTZ5S (Price: Rp. 380,000)
5. Honda YTZ5S Battery (Price: Rp. 234,000)
6. GS GTZ5S Battery (Rp. 200,000)

What's the Difference between Dry and Wet Batteries?

The advantage of this battery is that it does not require special care because it does not require the addition of liquid and the battery is always clean. The difference between dry and wet batteries when viewed physically, the difference between the two lies in the cover / casing of the dark batteries for dry batteries or transparent for wet battery types. Apart from that the dry battery has no holes. In the dry type has a special liquid in the form of a gel that is used as a substitute for non-volatile electrolyte liquids. In a dry battery consists of positive and negative plates that have been filled with an electric charge. But in storage is not filled with electrolytes. Basically this battery is the same as a wet type battery. The elements in the battery will be filled specifically by giving a DC current to the plate which is soaked in a weak electrolyte solution. After being electrically charged, then removed and dried. After the battery is washed and dried, then the plates are assembled in the case battery , so that if the battery is to be used enough you fill in the electrolyte and can immediately be used without having to be charged back.

How to Care for Dry Batteries Correctly

If seen in terms of maintenance, the dry type will be easier in terms of maintenance, how to care and use of this battery is very easy so that many use this type of battery for daily use. Besides that it is more practical than wet battery. If you want to know a few distributors or suppliers that sell dry batteries, you can open the Indotrading.com site that provides low prices but quality goods. The weakness of this type of battery is in terms of price. With practicality and ease of use of this dry battery, it has a relatively more expensive price compared to a wet battery and a shorter usage life although it all depends on you as a user. The smaller size makes many manufacturers use this battery.

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