Split Stone

Split Stone

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Function and Type of Split Stone

A split stone is a material obtained by splitting large rocks into smaller pieces. Split stone is usually used as a mixture of cast concrete. The following is a split stone function based on its size;
  • 0mm-5mm, the smallest size among other split stone types. This stone is usually called ash stone because of its small size. With this size is suitable for a mixture of asphalting and brick making.
  • 5mm-10mm, Split stone with size 5mm - 10mm usually used as mixture of asphalt from light road up to class 1.
  • 10mm - 20mm, used for various mixture of light to heavy construction such as, highway, airport runway, train bearing etc.
  • 20mm-30mm, for flooring and other concrete.
  • 30mm - 50mm, this size split stone is used as the ground of a construction before it is mixed / overwritten by other materials, breakwaters and bottom seawater pipe.
  • Aggregate A, split stone material with mixed size of rock ash, sand, split stone size 10-20, 20-30 and 30-50. This mixture is used for casting walls and cast mixed materials.
  • Aggregate B, almost equal to aggregate A, which distinguishes is the addition of soil material. The function of aggregate split stone B is as an initial pile of hardening of the road, in order to flatten and tie the split stone layer in the upper layer.
  • Aggregate C, consisting of a mixture of soil, stone ash, sand, split stone with mixed / irregular size. Usually split stone of this size is used for soil dredging, reclamation etc.
  • Batu Elephant, is a split stone with the largest size. Very effective as concrete breakwater, and building foundation.

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