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Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Find the best Barcode Scanner for your business. Compare quotation from our listed suppliers. Shop Barcode Scanner in Indotrading with convenience. Click to ask Quotation, Receive Quotation and Create Purchase Order.

Cari Tau Barcode Scanner untuk Usaha Anda dan Rekomendasi Lengkapnya Disini!

Dalam mengembangkan usaha baik skala kecil ataupun besar, Anda membutuhkan barcode scanner. Barcode scanner adalah mesin yang dapat mendata kode produk. Dengan menggunakan mesin ini dapat memudahkan Anda menginput data barang keluar maupun masuk.Peng...

The 3 Most Famous Brands of Barcode Scanner Recommendations

Specially printed using a special printer machine, such as a barcode ads scanner, or a TSC barcode printer, barcode scanners have a wide selection of brands. In addition to the Brother barcode scanner and Motorola barcode scanner, quality barcode scanner brands that you can choose from are:

1. Barcode Scanner Solution

The most famous barcode scanner brand first recommendation is barcode scanner solution. This barcode scanner is famous for its advantages of having a wireless connection and a high laser sensor so that it can read barcodes quickly and precisely. Its simple appearance is also the main attraction for this barcode scanner at a price of 850 thousand.

2. Zebra Barcode Scanner

Then there is the Zebra barcode scanner which is included in the list of the most famous recommendations. This barcode scanner is famous for the fast work of this scanner which is usually known as a quick scan. You can have this barcode for around 1.2 million.

3. Honeywell Voyager 250 gram Barcode Scanner

Another well-known barcode scanner recommendation is the Honeywell Voyager 250 gram Barcode Scanner. As the name implies, this type of barcode weighs 250 grams and is included in one of the barcodes that have a high practical value like the previous barcode. In addition, Honeywell barcode also has a good speed in scanning codes on products, plus it is able to scan barcodes on products with a large size of more than 23 inches. You can get this one barcode with a price range of 1.3 million.

New Product Barcode Scanner

Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner Bt
Supplier : PT. Bitri Indonesia
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 3,700,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
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Barcode Scanner Industrial Hik Robot
Supplier : CV Adil Jaya Mandiri
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 999
Bekasi , Bekasi
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Barcode Scanner Honeywell Xenon 1902 2D Wireless
Supplier : CV Global Solusindo Teknologi
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 6,850,000
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
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Barcode Scanner Datalogic Qw 2100
Supplier : PT Unicode Pratama
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
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Barcode Scanner 2D Code Cr950
Supplier : PT. Anta Graha Makmur
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 1,800,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara
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Barcode Scanner Honeywell Xenon 1900Ghd
Supplier : Toko Printer Id Card & Printer Kartu
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 2,300,000
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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