Ballast Lampu

Ballast Lampu

Selling the best price ballast lamps from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy the latest price Ballast serves to supply a voltage source to turn on the TL lamp and at the same time to control the electric current which consists of a series of starter capacitors, DC to AC current converters and rectifiers. The use of ballasts on these lamps is often used for TL lamps with 220 Volt AC voltage. The way the ballast works for the lamp is to change the 220 volt AC power voltage from the PLN electricity to a 500 to 800 volt AC voltage with a frequency of 20 to 60 KHz.

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Main Components of the Lamp Ballast

1. Capacitors
Serves to turn on TL (neon) lights for the first time. This section is actually not mandatory, because for high-frequency electronic ballasts do not require the help of a starter.

2. DC AC Converter.
Functioning to convert a 320 volt HVDC voltage to a higher voltage, which is AC 500 to 800 volts with a frequency of 20 to 60 KHz.

3. Rectifier
Functioning to convert 220 volt AC voltage alternating from PLN to a high voltage 320 volt DC (HVDC). So this rectifier function is the opposite of the DC to AC converter function

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