Bak Fiber

Bak Fiber

Buy fiberglass tubs / fiberglass tubs at cheap prices complete with the best quality from selected brands, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of fiberglass tubs at the cheapest prices, most complete in Indonesia. Bak fiber is one of the media / reservoirs of water and various other types of liquids made from fiberglass. This fiber-based tub, in addition to water, making other jirifarm, is generally used as a medium for the cultivation of ornamental fish, fish consumption and various other functions. The advantage of this fiberglass tub is that it is more resistant to the sun's heat, is not easily broken and can also be made shapes according to the needs and sizes to be used. To find and buy various types and price options offered by suppliers and distributors, you can directly submit a purchase request directly through the goods procurement page in

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Prices of Fiberglass Tub Size


Immediately get various information on the price of a body made of fiberglass that matches the specifications or size that you will buy through a product search in or can directly submit a purchase request or offer of goods directly from various suppliers and manufacturers of water tanks, fish pond tubs made of strong fiber. Immediately submit your request now to get the cheapest and best wholesale prices now. See also some estimates of the price below:

Body Size Estimated Price
Bak Jirifarm Fiberglass material size 150x80x20cm Rp. 900,000
Fish Pond Fish Fiber Material size 100,5x33,5x19,5cm Rp. 276,000
Ornamental Fish Tub Fiberglass Material size 100x50x40cm Rp. 730,000

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Fiber Bak in Indonesia

Find various tanks of various sizes from all companies in Indonesia that are incorporated in Indotrading. You can get all the best product offers at the best prices only from the best suppliers at competitive prices. Immediately submit your purchase request directly through online item requests through various companies in Indotrading. Get the best offer in accordance with your order, get more profit for all the products you buy cheap and easy to sell back to consumers or resellers.

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New Product Bak Fiber

Septik Tank (Bak Fiber )
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Tangki Air Kotak Fiberglass (Smc) Bak Fiber
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Bak Ikan Fiber
Supplier : Toko WD Fiberglass
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan
Bak Fiberglass
Supplier : UD. Smiley
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Bak Fiber Kotak Gajah
Supplier : PT Samudra Mas Kalimantan
Price : Rp 143,000
Kalimantan Tengah , Kota Waringin Timur
Langsung Kirim Keramba Apung Singkawang
Price : Rp 999
Jawa Timur , Malang