Buy the best cowhide, meter and roll brands of cow leather from suppliers, importers and distributors of cow leather for the leather industry and cow leather craftsman which are sold at low prices. Get various types of best quality cow leather materials for various products such as making safety shoes from 100% genuine leather, making belts, wallets, bags and jackets as well as various other types of products that often use the best choice of cow leather with various sizes and color patterns and diverse motives. Get various types of sheet leather for original and mixed with different specifications according to your wants and needs. Buy cow leather with a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest size, medium and large sheets at the lowest price in Indonesia that are sold at wholesale prices that you can get and buy directly from all sellers in Indotrading.com.

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Types of Products Made from Cowhide Leather

There are lots of various craft products, fashion and safety tools that can be produced from cowhide or pvc leather which are the main ingredients in a variety of these products. The products made from cowhide sheet material that we often encounter everyday include:

Leather Wallet
Leather Shoes
Leather Bag
Leather Jackets
Safety Gloves
Sofa / Car Chair

Apart from products that can be made from leather as above, there are apparently a lot of other products and crafts that you can produce and produce for various needs of consumers or your own company and shop. Find various sizes, specifications of genuine, synthetic / imitation leather as in the list of leather material prices below.

Price of Genuine Cowhide / Synthetic Leather Per Meter or Cheap Sheet in Indonesia

Bring together a variety of types of cowhide and pvc leather or synthetic leather materials with a choice of quality and specifications that vary from the price of sheets, meters or rolls that are commonly offered by sellers from all over Indonesia. Get cheap price quotes both wholesale and retail in accordance with consumer demand or in accordance with the provisions of sellers such as suppliers and distributors and importers in Indotrading.com.

Product Name Estimated Price
Cow Leather Size 21 x 29 cm Rp. 40,000
Cowhide Size 20 x 30 cm Rp. 35,000
ORIGINAL Cowhide Size 20 Square Feet Rp. 520,000
Cow Skin Full Grain Sheet A4 Size Rp. 80,000
Pull Up Sheet Size 21 x 29 cm Rp. 40,000
Synthetic / Imitation Leather Per Meter Size 100 x 100 cm Rp. 26,000

Supplier and Distributor of Genuine and Synthetic Cowhide Leather

Not sure where to find suppliers and distributors who sell genuine cow leather material in Indonesia? Now you do not need to be confused and bothered to find company information suppliers of various types of genuine cow leather for manufacturing handicraft products and fashion products for your shop or factory. Because hundreds to thousands of companies are available in Indotrading.com, all types of specifications of genuine leather from cows and various other animals can be found here. To buy these leather materials, you can directly submit a request for goods with the specifications you want and send via RFQ Indotrading to get the best offer from all the leather sellers in Indotrading.

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