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Galvalum Roof

Galvalum Roof

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Advantages and Pros of Using a Zinc or Galvalume Roof

The increasing need for roofs from zinc roofing, corrugated zinc roofs are now increasingly being used to replace other types of roofs. Because using this type of roof has many advantages, including not too heavy, strong and durable, not using too much roof truss, just using a few, unlike the installation of roof tiles which have to use a lot of frames.

Another advantage is that installation is very easy and fast, then the roof truss is not too burdened by zinc. Because the roof is made of galvalume or zinc, it is a roof made of quality mild steel in the form of a mixture of galvanized and aluminum. This type of roof has various advantages and is expected to replace the wooden roof that was popular in its time. In addition to being lighter and more durable, this type of roof is also not easily weathered and eaten by termites because it is a strong material.

Galvalume Roof or Zinc Roof Size

Compared to other materials, galvalume is allegedly cheaper. However, this also depends on the size and thickness it has. Here are some sizes of galvalume/zinc roofs that are traded freely in the market. To find or determine the size that is generally on the market, the size of zinc is divided into two, among others:

Purchase by meter

Purchase of this type of roof can be calculated per meter as needed. The price offered also varies depending on the size, thickness and type of plate it bears. Galvalume plate types usually range from 0.4 to 1.6. It measures about 1,219x 1m and weighs from 4.12 to 12.38 kg.

Purchase by size per sheet

In addition to buying in meter sizes, this galvalume/zinc roof can also be purchased individually in a matter of sheets. Unfortunately, purchasing with this system is more likely to leave some unused parts that exceed the size of the roof. However, if examined further, the purchase with a per sheet calculation system is more economical because it is like buying a roof in bulk.

In addition to this galvalume or zinc roof, you can also use transparent roofs, polycarbonate roofs, bitumen roofs, spandek roofs, UPVC roofs, or other types of roofs.