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Apron or commonly known as apron is one of the safety equipment (personal protective equipment / PPE) whose material is made of different types of fabrics ranging from PVC, leather, canvas and so on. The apron itself was created to protect the front body from certain impurities or sparks, and is generally applied to various professions ranging from chefs, medical officers and factory workers. The amount of fabric from aprons determines the quality and market price, where you can find a variety of products in a complete and easy way in Indotrading.

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The Importance of Using Apron and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a set of tools that are created for workers as self-protection, especially on the front of the body to avoid the potential to be exposed to hazards obtained from working locations such as dirt, liquids or hazardous chemicals. The requirement for the creation of personal protective equipment also needs to follow some rules such as comfortable to wear, does not interfere with the effectiveness of work and certainly provides full protection to the body.

One of the protective equipment that is widely used by workers is an apron (apron). Apron itself is widely worn by workers in various professions such as chefs, baristas, medical staff to factory / industrial workers. The goal is quite clear, namely to protect the front of the body from various substances or dangerous objects that are easily contaminated. As for some types of apron fabric that you can find in Indotrading like the following:




Apron welding skin is a type of apron that is widely worn by Indonesian industrial workers, especially in the field of welding or welding. This material is very able to withstand the heat, especially if the user works in the bakery industry, blacksmith or factory.

Anti Chemical PVC Material

Made of PVC plastic which is useful for field workers to prevent various harmful substances such as pesticides, oil and other chemicals.

Heat Resistant Apron

Made of foil with the ability to withstand heat (high temperature).

Welding Apron Set GOSAVE Body Skin + Hand Uniform Las Safety Shirt

Made from genuine leather which is strong, safe, heat resistant and comfortable to use. Equipped with a waist strap to tighten the apron so that the installation becomes easier.

Antistatic Aprons

Usually worn for food processing, fisheries and other industries.

Medical apron

Enabled for medical industry needs such as laboratory uniforms, doctors, nurses or workers in the operating room.

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