Air Pressure Measuring Instrument

Air Pressure Measuring Instrument

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Distinguish Barometer and Manometer

An air pressure gauge consists of 2 types, namely a barometer and a manometer. Obviously both of them have different functions, although they were both created to measure air pressure. The difference between them is located on the scale of the airspace measured. Barometer is an air pressure gauge that is usually used in weather forecasting. But no exception barometer can also be used to measure air pressure in the room.

Not only open spaces have air pressure, but closed spaces also have pressures that can be measured using an instrument called a manometer. Usually a manometer is used to measure vehicle tire pressure.

Various Types of Barometers and Manometers

Species name


Mercury Barometer

This type of barometer is made from a glass tube that has a height of 84 cm with a lid on the end. The remaining end of the tube is left open, then dipped in a container filled with mercury. Usually this type is used to measure air pressure in the atmosphere.

Water Barometer

This type of one is also often known as the Goethe thermometer, where the top of the glass container has a lid that is half filled with water and spout. Water and drain are connected to each other, then both are filled with water at the same dose. The process of working is when the atmospheric pressure is low, the spout water level will rise above the surface of the glass container water, and vice versa.

Aneroid Barometer

Aneroid barometer has a digital measurement system and relies on an electric charge consisting of discs in the form of thin metal sheets. On the surface of the metal, there are 2 small metal stips which have the role of connecting to an electric current and converting it into the form of a pressure value.

Open Mercury Manometer

This manometer serves to measure air pressure in a closed room through the calculation of its own formula.

Closed Mercury Manometer

For closed mercury manometers, a U-shaped glass tube with one end closed and the bottom end formed by a vacuum. In the measurement process can be known by connecting the other end to a closed space filled with gas.

Metal Manometer

Metal manometers are generally used to measure very high gas pressure such as steam tanks, gas cylinders and gas inside a tire.

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