A radiation measuring instrument, also known as a piranometer, is a device used to measure solar radiation. The presence of a piranometer is an innovation in the test and measurement industry where this tool can measure the magnitude of the influence of radiation on the surface of the field in W / m2 units. This device is specifically designed to help research meteorolohi, solar energy, and other scientific applications. No wonder if you often see this tool installed on the roof of the meteorological station which is right next to the solar panel.

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Utilization of a Piranometer

Pyranometers are widely used in the fields of meteorology and climatology. This tool can be found in various weather monitoring stations, generally installed next to the photovoltaic panel as a comparison.

How the Piranometer Works

  1. Radiation of sunlight that comes directly or emitted by the atmosphere (global solar radiation) and which is scattered by the sky will penetrate the glass dome.
  2. Radiations with wavelengths up to 3.0 microns will be transmitted to the black and white metal plates.
  3. The black metal plate will absorb the radiant heat while the white plate will reflect radiation so that there is a temperature difference between the two types of metal plates.
  4. The temperature difference of the two plates is connected to the circuit thermojunctions which convert the amount of heat into a potential voltage difference between the two ends of the plate.

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