Selling the best low-altitude equipment from suppliers in Indonesia. Buy a height gauge or altimeter for a tool that works to measure altitude at a location or point of climbing or mountains, sea level, as well as for flight navigation and some other needs that are nothing but measuring altitude. The results of height measurements using this tool use units of meters above sea level or meters above sea level, for example 2 masl. The altitude gauge or altimeter is calibrated to show pressure directly such as height, which is adjusted to the mathematical model by ISA (International Standard Atmosphere)

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Working Principle of Altitude Measurement Tool

In measurement, it is really needed an accuracy, accuracy, and sensitivity. Measurement using an analog barometer and altimeter often results in inaccurate measurements because of the many error factors that influence. To reduce the error factor, the altimeter and barometer are made digitally. How does a height gauge or altimeter work? There are several working principles on the altimeter, among others:

1. Barometric pressure (the most commonly used)

2. Earth magnet (with inclination angle)

3. Waves (ultra sonic or infrared, etc.)

4. The use of an altimeter is generally always followed by the use of a compass.

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