Capacitance Meter

Capacitance Meter

Selling the best price capacitor from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a capacitor gauge at the latest price, which is an electronic testing tool used to measure capacitance, especially discrete capacitors. Depending on the sophistication of the capacitor gauge, it may only display capacitance, or it may also measure other parameters such as leakage, resistance, and inductance. For most purposes, the capacitor must be disconnected from the circuit. There are several types of measuring devices such as digital and analog capacitors. provides several types of measuring capacitors that can measure capacitance, or other parameters at low prices and high quality goods. We consist of the most complete and reliable suppliers, distributors, exporters and importers who can meet your needs. To save you time, can help you find the right supplier or distributor by filling out the column in "Create Buying Request"

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The Use of Capacitance Meter

Capacitor or Capacitance Meter is a tool that is widely used in applications related to energy sources, including capacitor circuits. This tool is used to measure capacitance that is not known in the capacitor circuit.

How to use a Capacitance Meter

There are two ways to measure capacitors, including:

1. By measuring voltage
When the capacitance meter is connected to the capacitor, it will charge the specified current value by measuring the voltage increase.

2. By passing a high frequency alternating current
Another method for measuring capacitance through this tool is to pass high-frequency alternating current. When alternating current is passed at a very high frequency, the resulting change in voltage is measured and capacitance is determined as a function of the generated voltage.

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Type Capacitance Meter Dm-9023
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Digital Micro Ohm Meter - Applent At510l
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