Insulation Resistance Measurement

Insulation Resistance Measurement

Sell the best price insulation resistance meter from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a measuring instrument for insulation with the latest price that is used to measure the value of the resistance / resistance (resistance) of the insulation (insulation) that wraps the conductor used in electrical cables. Damage to the insulation will result in leakage of electricity which can endanger human users. To avoid this, it is better for routine electronic device users to check the amount of prisoners from the insulation that wraps the delivery material. And of course this Insulation Resistance Measurement Tool is very important for you who are often struggling in the world of electricity. provides a variety of tools to measure coil insulation with high-quality prices, brands and goods. We consist of a variety of the most complete and reliable suppliers, distributors, exporters and importers that can make it easier for you to have coil insulation measuring devices. To save you time, can help you to find the right supplier or distributor through the RFQ feature!

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Why Test for Isolation Resistance?

Measurement of insulation resistance on an electrical conductor cable needs to be done because the insulation resistance value of an electric conductor cable is the most basic electrical performance parameter. In addition, cables that have resistance below the minimum value will cause various electrical disturbances such as electric leakage, short circuit, fire, and other fatal events. Therefore, periodic isolation resistance testing is carried out

Insulation Test Measurement Method

The commonly used method is to provide a voltage that has a higher value than the voltage that normally flows through the conductor. Make sure the cable that will be measured meets the following requirements:

  • The cable has been disconnected from the electric current
  • The cable is free from connections or terminals
  • Separate cables one by one
  • Make sure the cable to be measured does not come in contact with other material to prevent mixing

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