Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter is usually used on machines that produce vibrations in their use. With vibration analysis it can be seen the condition, problem, and engine damage. By periodically controlling and analyzing vibrations, something abnormal in the machine can be detected before major damage occurs. With this vibration meter measurement, industry players can also prevent their workers from getting high vibration hazards. The way to do this is to measure the vibration with a Vibration Meter and then adjust it to a predetermined limit value. Usually with a threshold value determined by a Minister of Manpower Decree. Now supply distributor, supplier and exporter of quality Vibration Measurement Tools from trusted companies. Get the fastest and best deals immediately in Indotrading by making a purchase request now. In indotrading you will also be easy to find your various needs because we have the most complete and reliable datebase!

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How the Vibration Meter Works

As mentioned before, this tool is used to analyze vibration signals on the engine. Well, on the probe part of this tool there is an acceleration sensor that is used to produce a voltage signal when this device is attached to the vibration of the engine. Furthermore, this voltage signal will be sent to the vibration meter through the device cable so that you can see the graphs and measurement results from this tool.

Vibration Meter Components

When used, the vibration meter parts will carry out their respective functions. In general, this tool has two parts, namely the vibration sensor and dynamic signal analyzer. To find out the function of each part, here is a review:

1. Vibration Sensor

This section is an important part of a vibration meter device. The function of this component is as a tool to convert large physical vibration signals into analog signals so that they can be read by users. In addition to being an analog signal, this section will also transmit the amount of electricity and the existing voltage.

2. Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Besides the vibration sensor, there is also an equally important part of the vibration meter, the dynamic signal analyzer. Well, this section is a tool that serves to carry out continued business after the vibration sensor process is run. After the vibration sensor is placed in the part of the machine where the vibration is to be checked, the results will be obtained in the form of a vibration signal.

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