Sound Volume Meter

Sound Volume Meter

Selling the best volume test equipment or sound level meter from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a volume test tool with the latest price which is used to measure noise between 30-130 dB in dBA units of frequencies between 20-20,000Hz. The application of this tool usually includes a function to analyze the noise of equipment in the factory. For example in fertilizer plants, tools that have the potential to cause noise such as turbines, compressors, condensers, drum pumps and others can be measured using a sound level meter. For those who are still confused, this tool works based on the vibrations that occur. If there is an object or object that vibrates, it will cause changes in air pressure that will be captured by the equipment system, then the analog needle will then show the number of noise levels expressed in dB values. Well, for those of you who need this tool, immediately request goods to the suppliers in Indotrading to get better prices and offers!

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Sound Volume Meter
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How to use the Sound Level Meter

  1. The first step, activate this tool and select the selector in the fast position (for continuous noise types) and select slow (for intermittent noise)
  2. Bring it closer to the object to be measured
  3. Make observations for approximately 1-2 minutes on each measurement area with six readings
  4. Record the results listed on the display
  5. Calculate the average noise.
  6. In the last step, calculate the average

How to Maintain a Sound Level Meter

  1. Place it in a cool place that is not directly exposed to the sun
  2. Turn off after use to save power
  3. Perform an external calibration at least once a year so that measurements remain accurate

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