Salt Meter

Salt Meter

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To find out the level of salinity or salt content in a water content, objects or other salinity, there is a way to get it that is by using the help of Salt Content Measurement Tools. Comparable to other equipment, salinity gauges are also sold with a variety of different brands and specifications. To be able to get one of the best products, you can immediately visit the site and buy directly from reliable suppliers and distributors, at an affordable price.

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The Right Way to Use the Salt Content Measurement Tool

Salinity or salt content in water is one of the important things that needs to be maintained especially in the cultivation of fish, shrimp or ponds. Now, to be able to find out the amount of salt content in water, it is necessary to measure the level of salt which is also commonly known as refractometer salinity. The following are the proper ways to use it:

  1. Before use, it is recommended that the refractometer be cleaned by wiping it with a tissue.
  2. Drops of a little liquid on the prism of the refractometer, can use aquadest or 5% NaCl solution. Be sure to use a dropper when taking the liquid to be measured.
  3. Cover gently by returning the plate to its original position and do not force it in if held.
  4. To find out the results, check into the rounded end of the refractometer which will show one or more scale numbers. Salinity scales are generally marked 0/00 with parts per thousand, from 0 at the bottom of the scale to 50.
  5. When finished, the refractometer should be cleaned immediately dry using a tissue or soft cloth.

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