Concrete Hardness Testing Tool

Concrete Hardness Testing Tool

Concrete is one of the construction materials that are commonly used to build buildings, bridges, roads, and so forth. Concrete itself is made from a mixture of fine aggregates such as sand, coarse aggregates such as gravel or stones, or other types of aggregates with water added to soften concrete dough. Concrete is considered as a strong foundation so it is widely used for various applications. Well, construction workers need to know the strength of the concrete so that the quality of the concrete it produces is good. Especially for reinforced concrete work that is prone to irregularities, for example the capacity of reinforced concrete structures that are less sturdy so that it can be fatal. Therefore, it is highly recommended to measure the quality of concrete and reinforcement with various concrete hardness test equipment such as rebar locator, crack depth gauge, rebar corrosion detector, rebar width gauge, and concrete test hammer.

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What Does the Concrete Hardness Test Measure?

  1. Damage caused by the quality of both concrete and reinforcement material
  2. Dimension and configuration of both concrete and reinforcement
  3. Damage caused by age, use or the environment

Types of Concrete Hardness Test Equipment and Its Functions

1. Rebar Locator

Rebar Locator is a sophisticated test tool that detects the thickness of concrete layers and the diameter of concrete. Apart from that, this tool can also function to find metal locations in concrete, brick, or other non-metal materials.

2. Crack Depth Gauge

This tool is a test tool that serves to measure cracks, both crack depth and crack width. This tool also turns out to be often used to detect defects or flaws by relying on ultrasound sound detection of the material being tested.

3. Rebar Corrosion Detector

Rebar corrosion in concrete can affect the level of solidity of concrete so that it can be dangerous for security if forced. Therefore, the level of rebar corrosion needs to be evaluated and checked using a rebar corosion detector. This tool will test the integrity of the construction so that rebar corrosion can be found easily.

4. Crack Width Gauge

This tool is specifically designed to measure the width and location of cracks before starting a monitoring program. This tool is suitable for indoor and outdoor use because it is made of polycarbonate with a linear thermal coefficient of 7.0 x 10-5 cm / cm / ° C for ambient temperatures between -30 ° C and 30 ° C.

5. Concrete Test Hammer

Concrete Test Hammer is a hammer test tool used to analyze the compressive strength of concrete properties. This tool is widely applied in various applications, for example to measure bridge decks, thin walls, cast stone components, or small components.

6. Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Same with the types above, this digital concrete hammer test is used to analyze the compressive strength of concrete properties. The difference, this tool is already supported by digital technology that makes it easier for users without having to take manual measurements.

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