Dental Kit

Dental Kit

Buy the most complete and cheapest dental and health care / dental equipment from distributors, suppliers, importers, dealers and dental kit stores in Indonesia. Dental health tools are generally sold per set or some are sold individually. For what is sold per set is usually referred to as a dental set that functions as a dental and oral equipment for medical treatment to patients. The equipment consists of various types of tools, namely inspection equipment, medical treatment tools and various other types of tools.

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If you are a medical equipment shop owner, of course you are looking for the most complete dental equipment with the best brands. Well, if you want to procure the most complete and best goods you can directly submit a procurement request or offer the best / cheapest price. All the needs of dental health equipment that you need can be directly submitted to all medical equipment suppliers in Indotrading. Because in you can get the best price quotes for dental and oral equipment directly from the first seller with a choice of wholesale prices or per set. See also some price references here for you to compare.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
5pcs Stainless Dental Set Equipment Rp. 140,000
10pcs Stainless Dental Kit Set Rp. 285,000

Types of Dental and Oral Health Equipment


There are several types of tools used for medical procedures such as dental examination, treatment or cleaning of the teeth and mouth used by dentists. Some of the tools that are commonly used and we often encounter in dental practice clinics include:


1. Mouth glass / larynx and stem function to see the surface of the teeth that cannot be seen directly in the eye, helping to expand the work area by holding the cheeks, tongue and lips and knowing the presence of debris, tartar, cavities.


2. Sonde Halfmoon serves to determine the location of deposits, caries, and calculus and to check the smoothness of the root surface and the contours of a tooth restoration by touching the pointed end on the tooth surface.


3. Dental tweezers function to clamp cotton, gauze, tampons, cotton roll, cotton pellets, dental burs.


4. Cement Spatula serves as a means of stirring up the spill / cement material to patch cavities.


5. Burisher is a function to smooth the amalgam lift.


6. Amalgram carver functions to carve / form amalgam lifts / fillings that are adjusted to the anatomy of a tooth.


7. Amalgam stopper DE functions to suppress variations in the kavita to make it solid.


8. DE cement stopper functions to insert and flatten the cement lining (base) into the cavity

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