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Pita Ukur

Pita Measure in Categories Animal Breeding Tool

Measure ribbon is also known as the meter, tape, or roller meter. It is a tool that can be used to determine the size of land or long distances in mm, cm, inches, or feet. The meter can also be counted on to make a right angle, measure angles and create a circle. The major use of the common or Measure tape is to measure the distance or length. Other uses are also essentially is measuring distance. How to use this tool is relatively simple, just with this meter stretch from one end to the other end of the measured object.

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USG Ternak Ready Stock

Pita Ukur Jahit Warna Kuning
Rp 9.900
CV. Iqbal Bersaudara
Tax Status : PKP
Jakarta Pusat
  • Pita Ukur

Rondo Brand Cow Measurement Tape

Rondo Brand Cow Measurement Tape

Rondo Brand Cow Measurement Tape
Rp 450.000
25 Sep 2023

PITA UKUR SAPI MERK RONDO Fungsi : Pita Ukur Ternak RONDO digunakan untuk mengukur lingkar dada ternak sapi dan babi, d...

Merek: rondo
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Price Usg Ternak Pita Ukur Sapi Merk Rondo Rp 450,000