Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter

Selling the best noise intensity measuring devices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a noise intensity meter at the latest price, which is a tool used to measure the level of noise experienced. This tool can measure the noise level in decibels (db). If the decibel level is not appropriate, the responsible party can take action to reduce the noise. provides a variety of cheap and high-quality noise intensity gauges to suit your needs. We consist of various suppliers and distributors of the most complete and quality from trusted companies. Get the fastest and best offer immediately only in by making a purchase request now!

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Sound Meter (244)
Sound Level Meter
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Noise Intensity Measurement Specifications

Usually, in a noise dosimeter there is an elector condenser for measuring noise levels, a reset button for starting and ending operations, and a digital display in the form of an LCD screen display for easy reading of the size. The specific specifications possessed by noise dosimeters include the measurement range that can be measured by this tool ranges from 40-143 dB, there is an internal memory to store data, and uses two AA batteries for power supply.

Dosimeter Noise Application

  1. Airport
  2. Mining industry
  3. Manufacturing industry
  4. Research laboratories
  5. Military
  6. and others

How to Use Dosimeter Noise

  1. Prepare noise dosimeter
  2. Activate by pressing the green button
  3. When turned on, the noise dosimeter will show the dose criteria level, threshold level, and exchange rate that are used as noise calculation parameters.

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