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Tensile Testing Machines

Tensile Testing Machines

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Purpose of Performing Tensile Test

Tensile Test Equipment is used to determine the maximum level of force that can be imposed on a material. For example on parachute cloth made of nylon fiber. The test is carried out to determine the brittle threshold when it has to rub against high-pressure air or when stuck in a branch, the maximum brittleness threshold of the load that can be carried by a parachute with a standard falling speed following the force of gravity and so on.

In addition, tensile tests with tensile test equipment are also used to determine the physical properties of a mixed polymer material, and determine its effectiveness when mixed with one another. For example, polyethylene is a material for making plastics, because of its physical properties, ethylene is easily torn when exposed to heat, so it is mixed with plastic additives such as Propylene to increase the strength of the carbon chain. Making this material mixture more heat resistant when it is shaped into a drinking bottle and so on.