Emission Test Equipment

Emission Test Equipment

Buy low-cost gas emission test equipment brands E-Instrument, Changan, Koeng, ETC from suppliers / distributors and importers of exhaust gas emission testing equipment such as cars, trucks and motorcycles that are the most complete and cheapest in Indonesia. Motor vehicle emission test equipment or exhaust emission test equipment functions to measure pollution levels of motor vehicles fueled by gasoline, diesel and others through the exhaust gas coming out of the exhaust of the vehicle. In Indotrading.com provides various types and models and brands of the most complete gas emission testing equipment that you can choose according to your needs. Each product or item offered by the seller is the best product with no doubt of its quality. Immediately buy vehicle emissions checking equipment now also only in Indotrading.com.

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Price of the Cheapest Motor Vehicle Emission Test Equipment in Indonesia

Confused looking for a price list for motor vehicle exhaust emissions testing equipment? If you find it difficult to find the lowest price of the product or product you are looking for, you can simply submit a purchase request directly from the suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.com. In addition you can compare prices directly through the list of price ranges below.

Type of Emission Test Tool Estimated Price
Texa Rc2 Revolution Counter Rp. 10,200,000
Neomotech Cgo-600 Diesel Opacity Smoke Meter Rp. 38,000,000
Texa Opabox Autopower Diesel Engine Emission Test Equipment Rp. 43,000,000
RGB 2538 IP33 Gas Emission Test Tool Rp. 41,360,000

Buy Car, Truck and Motorcycle Exhaust Emission Test Equipment

Immediately submit a request to buy a vehicle exhaust emission test equipment directly from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.com. By submitting a request to buy in Indotrading you can easily get the best price quotes directly from a trusted and most comprehensive supplier here. Some emission testing equipment that you want to buy, you can compare which ones have the lowest price and which ones have good product quality, for example from the warranty given by that product. In addition, you can also get information on the specifications of these emission testers completely because each seller must have a complete product manual for every piece of equipment they sell.

Types of Dangerous Gases in Exhaust Smoke

To find out any harmful gases such as carcinogical gases produced by motor vehicle exhaust fumes, of course, it is necessary to use exhaust fume testing equipment or exhaust fume emission tests. What are the harmful gases in exhaust fumes, including these:

  • Benzene is an aromatic odor compound derived from gasoline, Pertamax, pertalite or diesel fuel.
  • Lead is a heavy metal that is produced from the combustion from combustion in the engine combustion chamber that can damage the health.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that is also very dangerous which is produced by vehicle exhausts

Function and Ways of the Flue Gas Emission Test Tool

As in the brief explanation above, the emission test equipment is the equipment used to test the amount of exhaust gas produced from the combustion of vehicle engines coming out of the exhaust such as HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx produced by the combustion residue at engine combustion chamber released through the exhaust. In this way, then this tool can display the analysis of how much content of substances in the remaining exhaust gas released through the exhaust. The way emission test equipment works has certainly been designed according to its function, because this emission testing machine has various sensors of various types of gas.

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New Product Emission Test Equipment

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Supplier : CV Bintang Raya
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan
Automotive Gas Analyzer
Supplier : PT. Yasindo Jaya Bersama
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara
Roving Kir Test Equipment Type Medium
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
The Test Gas Emissions Tool
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Timur
Emission Test Tool
Supplier : Toko Alat Uji Lingkungan
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Jawa Barat , Depok
Emission Analyzer
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DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat