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Mesin Pengiris Bawang

Onion Slicing Machine

Shallots are often known to be rich in benefits contained therein. Shallots can ward off many diseases. Various processed food without wearing red onion it will feel less will be the enjoyment of the cuisine there. Many needs of the fried onions for various types of cuisine in the culinary business as well as the needs of the kitchen housewife indeed make a business opportunity fried onions are getting brighter. Onions slicing machine to assist you in producing onions. The process of slicing onions is now no longer need to wear a manual way since this time has been replaced with onion slicing machine. Onion slicing machine or better known as the onion chopper machine is made specifically to facilitate the process of slicing onions in a way that is faster, easier and practical. Now you no longer need to drain a lot of energy, time consuming tedious when using onion chopper machine.

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banana chips casava chips machine

banana chips casava chips machine

banana chips casava chips machine
Rp 6.500.000
pdn PDN
27 Mar 2024

Banana Cutting Tool SpecificationsType: S-Tech 70-MKSPDimensions: 500 x 800 x 900 mmNumber of Blades 3Pcs3 Input HolesCa

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Price Mesin Potong keripik singkong keripik pisang pengiris bawang Rp 6,500,000