Fishing equipment

Fishing equipment

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Buy the cheapest complete fishing gear from the best brands from distributors, suppliers, importers, stores, factories and fishing equipment manufacturers from all companies in Indonesia. Fishing is a type of sports activity that is very entertaining and easily done both in ponds, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and even sea fishing. To get big catches and lots of patience and good fishing equipment like fishing hooks, fishing lines, fishing rods, artificial bait and a lot of fishing gear you need according to what type of fish and where you will be fishing. All fishing rods you use have an effect on how much and what fish you will get. To find and buy the cheapest and most complete fishing equipment directly from the distributor of Fishing Equipment Indonesia through Indotrading. Because Indotrading is here to make it easier for buyers and distributors to transact through buying and selling online.

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Tips for Buying the Best Fishing Rod as You Need


The fishing accessories manufacturing industry is currently growing rapidly. Of course this is based on the increasing interest of the community in fishing activities whether in rivers, lakes or the sea. But sometimes this often makes us confused to choose the right type and brand to use. So you need to understand what are the factors that need to be known before buying a fishing pole like the following:

  • Length Length


This one factor is your main benchmark when buying a fishing rod. The length of the fishing line will affect the throwing distance, accuracy and strength of the hook when the fishing line is swung.

  •        Power
  • Determining the power of the fishing line can be measured by the level of strength or how much weight can make it flexible. Choosing a power that is too light can cause a lack of accuracy. Meanwhile, if the power is too heavy, it can lead to a decrease in efficiency.
  •  Throw Action
  • The action when you throw a fishing rod really influences the type and specifications of the fishing gear that is right for you to choose. Throwing slowly will make the fishing rod curl towards the back end, whereas when throwing with faster action, the fishing line will automatically glide to the front end of the fishing line.

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