Distillation Machine

Distillation Machine

Distillation tool is a device that functions to separate the solution into each of its components or a method of separating chemicals based on differences in speed or ease of evaporation. The principle of distillation is based on differences in the boiling points of the substance components. Distillation can be used to purify compounds that have different boiling points so that compounds that have high purity can be produced. There are many types of distillation equipment including simple distillation, multilevel, steam, vacuum, azeotropic and dry.

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Know the Types of Distillation

Distillation is the process of separating solutions into individual components or methods of separating chemicals through the speed or ease of evaporation. Usually the distillation process is used to purify compounds that have different boiling points so that it will create pure compounds that are new and higher.

The following are some types of distillation processes:

  1. Simple distillation: used to separate liquid with low boiling point or separate solid liquid or oil. The results of this process are usually not very pure.
  2. Multilevel distillation: used for components that have similar boiling points, with the same process as simple distillation.
  3. Steam distillation: used in a mixture of compounds which have a boiling point of up to 200 degrees Celsius and can be used as a mixture which is not dissolved in water.
  4. Vacuum distillation: used on compounds that are unstable and can decompose before approaching boiling points above 150 degrees Celsius.
  5. Azeotropic distillation - functions to separate 2 or more types of mixture which are difficult to separate because they have a constant boiling point.
  6. Dry distillation - used to heat solid material and produce its vapor and liquid phase.

Know the Parts of the Distillation Tool Components

  •  Distillation flask - has a function as a container for a mixture of liquid to be distilled.       
  •  Steel head - created as a conduit of steam or gas that is connected to a cooler (condenser).       
  •  Thermometer - a device for measuring the temperature of the vapor of liquid that is distilled during the distillation process.       
  • Condenser - functions as a conduit for the reaction of steam and tap water.       
  •  Boiling flask - becomes a sample container for separating alcohol and water.       
  •  Inner pipes - distillation pipes.       
  •  Adapters - to be a place for channeling the results of the distillation to the containers that are already available.       
  •  Coat - for heating liquid ingredients.       

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