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Heavy Equipment

Selling Cheap Heavy Equipment

Buy heavy equipment at the best available and most complete brands from suppliers, distributors, importers in Indonesia. In addition to brand categories, in Indotrading you can get them based on their use including lifting equipment, digging equipment, transport equipment and transportation equipment and others. Based on the model of heavy machinery and equipment including excavators, cranes, bulldozers, tandem rollers, hand pallets, hand stackers and others that you can get at competitive prices from hundreds of suppliers and importers in Indonesia who sell thousands of products for the procurement of goods for companies in throughout Indonesia. Send your purchase request directly through a company in Indotrading or it can be directly through a procurement tender in large quantities for the company.

Search for Cheap Heavy Equipment Prices from Suppliers in Indotrading

Heavy equipment is various types of machinery used to assist all mining and construction project work. To find cheap prices from hundreds of suppliers and distributors in Indotrading, you can easily search for them based on brands that are widely available at Indotrading. In addition to searching by brand, you can also search for it by company location and equipment category based on its use such as among the several categories below:

  • Diggers, There are various tools used to dig, including excavators, wheel loader as it used to dig soil, sand and various other materials to be used in mining, building foundation construction projects and irrigation and irrigation works.
  • Moving Tools, Indotrading provides a wide selection of moving tools, whose main function is to move certain goods and materials with this tool such as bulldozer , mini loader , motor grader and skid steer loader and various other moving tools.
  • Lifting Tools, find thousands of tools used to lift various types of items that you can use to help with your various jobs. The following are some of the lifting tools available at Indotrading including hoist , hand pallet , hand stacker , forklift , chain block and various other types you can get only in Indotrading.
  • Construction Machinery / Tools, are various product categories in Indotrading that provide various construction tools for projects such as asphalt finisher, concrete breakers, concrete vibrators, asphalt machines, batching plants, concrete machines, road marking machines, pole erecting machines, plaster machines, asphalt cutting machines, concrete cutting machines, power trowels and various other types of construction tools.

To find out the price of various types of tools that you want to buy, you can directly submit an application for purchase directly to the company that you have specified in Indotrading. Or you can also make a purchase request through the application tender for procurement of heavy equipment online in Indotrading. By submitting a purchase request, you will get offers from hundreds of suppliers and importers in Indotrading if the goods or products that you submit are in accordance with the suppliers' availability.