Car Batteries

Car Batteries

Selling car batteries or car batteries at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a car battery with the latest prices for vehicles of the type of car or four wheels and more. Special battery for four-wheeled vehicles functions for electricity storage media generated from engine speed as well as supplying electric current when the car's engine starts. The way the car battery works is when the engine is running, the battery stops working, because the source of electricity has been replaced from the engine speed that goes into other components that are directly supplied to all the components that require electric current. But the battery also accepts charging an electric current sent by the alternator (ampere dynamo). A battery or battery is an electric cell that works by using a reversible electrochemical process or vice versa with high efficiency. The function of the car battery is used to store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and is used to supply / supply electrical energy to the starter system, ignition system, lights and other electrical components.

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4 Best and Best-Selling Car Battery Brands in Indonesia

What are the best battery brands that are often used by private cars, trucks, buses and other public vehicles in Indonesia? There are several battery companies in Indonesia that produce a lot of types and specifications with various brands. Well, here are some of the best car battery brands in Indonesia that we often encounter in workshops and are often used by vehicle owners in Indonesia both 2 wheels, 4 wheels and more:

  1. Yuasa , is a battery company from Japan that is not only focused on making car batteries / batteries, but < / li>     
  2. Bosch , one of the companies from Germany which also manufactures batteries for automotive and electronics that are also worldwide.
  4. Incoe , is a battery brand from Indonesia that is produced domestically for use in various fields of automotive vehicles and electric.
  6. GS Astra, is one of the best-selling battery brands from Indonesia and is widely used which is not only a four-wheeled vehicle but also motorcycle .

Tips on how to care for car batteries

Are you still lazy to take care of your car battery / battery? For those of you who still don't know how to care for a car battery that is good and right so the battery stays durable and lasts longer, see the correct maintenance steps:

  1. Place the battery in a good, level holder so that your battery does not shake easily because some of the battery inside contains liquid.
  3. Use a good battery cable so it does not burn easily, because using a good cable will not be short-circuited.
  5. Use various types / brands of the best fuse to anticipate a short circuit in the electrical circuit on your car.
  7. Always check periodically battery water on your battery, because all types of wet batteries have a minimum or maximum limit to fill the water.
  9. No less important, you also need to be diligent in cleaning batteries, for example at both ends of the battery terminal which often look dirty which can disrupt electricity.
  11. Also check all the various electrical components of your car that are directly connected to the battery regularly.

Looking for a type of dry battery and wet battery for private cars, trucks, buses or other vehicles? Confused by the price options that are not clear and worried about the quality of the battery in the market that is not yet clear how the characteristics of the original battery? Let's immediately switch to buy batteries for cars and various other types of vehicles only from distributors and suppliers of batteries in Indonesia that offer a wide selection of brands and complete specifications at the best prices.

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