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3 Best and Best-Selling Motorcycle Battery Brands in Indonesia

Because there are too many battery brands especially for motorbikes that are widely sold in the market or for motorcycle parts repair shops in Indonesia. This will make consumers more confused about choosing the best battery brands for their motorbikes.

However, even if you are confused by the number of brands according to what is recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer, it has determined the specifications or types of batteries that can be used according to factory standards. So every time you want to buy a battery, you should first know how many types of batteries are recommended by the manufacturer, then you can look for alternative battery brands with the same specifications. Well, for that information need, we recommend some of the best-selling brands in Indonesia for your motorcycle battery needs.

1. Yuasa

Yuasa is a leading battery brand from the USA that not only manufactures batteries for motorbikes but also other vehicles including cars. There are several types of best batteries for motorcycles under the Yuasa brand include: YTZ5S (Rp. 175,000), YTZ4-V MF (Rp. 188,800), YTZ5S (Rp. 180,000)

2. GS Astra

GS Astra is the largest company in Indonesia which produces various types of batteries including motorcycles with a license from Japan. Here are some recommendations for motor batteries with the GS Astra brand: GM5z (Rp. 175,000), GTZ 5S (Rp. 185,000), GTZ 6V (Rp.235,000)

3. Aspira

Aspira is a battery company in Indonesia that produces various types and specifications of battery packs for motorcycles that are recommended for various motorcycle brands in Indonesia including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawazaki and others. As for the type or type of batteries that we can also recommend for you, among others: GTZ5S MF (Rp. 167,250), 11-GTZ7S MF (Rp. 260,000), GM5Z-3B (Rp. 120,000).

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