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Air Coolers

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Buy Air Coolers or air conditioners at the lowest prices brands Midea, Jaguar, Yoshino, Atlas Copco, Kaesar, Sullair, Mayaka and others from suppliers and distributors of the cheapest air coolers at wholesale prices in Indonesia. Shop directly for all your company needs or shop from a trusted seller in, find all your air conditioning needs and complete accessories only here. Get maximum function from portable air conditioning to replace AC. The air cooler can provide cool air and simultaneously moisturize the surrounding air. This tool does not consume a lot of electricity consumption that is large compared to AC, air cooler is an alternative for people who want air conditioning without having to cost a lot. Submit a request to buy directly from the distributor in to get the lowest price.

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Price of Temurah Portable Air Coolers / Conditioners in Indonesia

Get a variety of portable air conditioner price references with the best prices for all business needs that can be resold for all consumer needs from a variety of brands and quality choices sought. You can get all the estimated prices here, but you can get the latest price update information directly through all suppliers and distributors in to get the best price.

Air Cooler Type Air Cooler Brands Estimated Price
CO-500 AL Mayaka Rp. 867,000
AC-100 A Midea Rp. 739,000
AC100-18B Midea Rp. 725,000
AC120-16F Midea Rp. 1,166,700
PJA55TYW 1500464 Sharp Rp. 1.359.000
PJA55TYB 1500463 Sharp Rp. 1.359.000
PJ-A55TY-B Sharp Rp. 1,190,000
CO-023 AL Mayaka Rp. 661,200

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All prices that you can get there are approximate prices that you can make price comparisons for all your needs, so that it makes it easier for you to get goods that match your best specifications. To make it easier to compare prices, buyers will usually take part in tenders in order to get the lowest price according to the needs of several companies. With the current technological sophistication for online tenders, procurement of electronic goods such as water coolers or air conditioning can be done easily and quickly, only through You can submit a price quote for the product you want to buy, then all sellers will definitely provide the best and cheapest offer from their company. So that you will easily and quickly get the cheapest items from the online tender.

Functions, Benefits and How it Works Air Coolers / Portable Air Conditioners

What is Air Cooler? As the name implies, it is air conditioning that functions and is useful to help make the air in the room cooler as in the air in a shady and beautiful garden, without having to turn on the fan or air conditioner. Because this air conditioner works differently from a fan or ac / air conditioner.

Difference between Air Coolers and Air Conditioners / AC

Many people think this air conditioner is one of the smaller ac types, but that is certainly not true. Because air cooler and ac have different ways of working, the difference lies in the function and how it works. The way the air cooler works is to cool the air in the room rather than cool down, different from the AC / air conditioner that works in a way that is used to cool the air in a room. So it's clear, the difference. What are you waiting for, let's buy this air conditioner directly only from suppliers and distributors in

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