Adaptors AC DC

Adaptors AC DC

Buy AC and DC type Power Adapter brands Casio, Kyoritsu, Simplex, Mean Well and others from the cheapest and most complete suppliers / distributors and importers who sell power adapters at the best prices. Search and find various types of ac or dc adapters at the cheapest wholesale offer prices. Get quality items with the function of the power adapter that functions to convert large electrical voltages into smaller electric voltages and to convert AC alternating current into DC current or direct current. The adapter is an alternative to DC voltage because AC voltage is used longer and anyone can use it as long as there is electricity in the area. In addition, there are many types of choices that you can find from suppliers including DC converter adapter, step up and step down and others.

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Price of AC and DC Power Adapters for Electronic Equipment

Search and also find various types of adapters for electricity with different prices and brands and functions according to the type or model you want to search. Each price is usually always updated can change at any time. So make sure to always update price information from suppliers and distributors in

Type of Electric Adapter Estimated Price
DC 1A Output Multifunction Adapter Rp. 56,000
200W DC 12V Portable Car AC Adapter 220V 4 USB 5V Rp. 282,000
Power supply adapter 220v to dc converter 12v ac 2a Rp. 39,000
Universal power adapter 12-24 volt Rp. 71,300
AC to DC Adapter / Power Supply, 12V 10A Rp. 120,000

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All types of adapters either dc or ac you can get from the seller at Indotarding, because generally all pseudo sellers have a diverse stock of products and are available tens to hundreds of companies registered in All items with specifications such as the one you want to buy can be bought by you and submit offers of goods easily and cheaply through an online order or tender system. So what are you waiting for, all types that you want to get at the best price only in

Types of AC and DC Power Adapters

There are two types of electrical adapters based on electric current, they are AC and DC electric currents. Both have different work systems, for example an ac adapter that is using a system of alternating current to generate electrical energy. While the dc adapter works in one direction to be able to generate electricity. This makes the two adapters have different functions. So before buying you can determine in advance the type / type of adapter that will be used or purchased. Then also adjust the brand you want to buy so that with this you will not be wrong to determine the items you want to buy.

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