AC Motors

AC Motors

AC motor is a type of motor that relies on electrical energy to produce an AC (Alternating Current) voltage. This AC component consists of two main parts namely "stator" and "rotor". Stator is a static AC motor component, while the rotor is a rotating component of the AC motor. For those of you who need a high quality AC motorbike from the best range of brands, you can visit the website and buy it directly from the largest distributors, importers and suppliers in Indonesia.

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Get to know the types of AC motors

  • Synchronous AC Motor (Synchronous Motor)
This type works at a fixed speed with a certain frequency, and requires direct current (DC) to generate power. The use of this type of motor is ideal for initial use with low loads, such as air compressors, frequency changes and motor generators. This type of motor is also quite good at repairing damage to system factors that use a lot of electrical energy.

  • Induction AC Motor (Induction Motor)
Being one of the most common types of motorcycles used in various industrial equipment. This motorbike engine is so popular because its design is simple, cheap and easy to obtain.

In the induction motor machine itself has 2 types of groups namely one-phase induction and three-phase induction. For one phase, this motor has only one stator roll, works through the power supply with the help of a rotor and a special device to be able to start the engine. Usually this type of motor is used on household appliances such as fans, washing machines or clothes dryers. While three-phase induction uses a rotating magnetic field, then creates a high enough power, rotor windings and ignition system itself. Most of these types of motors are used in industrial purposes such as the manufacture of water pumps, compressors, conveyor belts and grinders.

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