Magnetic Contactor AC

Magnetic Contactor AC

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Buy AC magnetic contactor at low prices from Schneider, Chint, Hager, Siemens, Fuji and other brands from the largest and most comprehensive suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. In accordance with its function AC magnetic contactor is a type of electrical device that functions to disconnect and connect electric current electrically. & Nbsp; Magnetic contactor is often used for home electrical circuits, public street lighting, factories, industry and electrical power distribution. AC contactor is a component that is used as a pathway to be connected to a source with a large capacity by using minimal available power. By utilizing the workings of the electromagnet this component can function properly. In simple language, this component is used as a contact and can turn off and turn on the power source. Immediately submit a request to buy directly to the cheapest and most complete suppliers and distributors only in

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Product Name Brands Estimated Price
3RT5034 15kW 230V AC Siemens Rp. 619,000
3RT6023 4kW 110V AC Siemens Rp. 199,000
3RT2015 3kW 1NO 110V AC 50 / 60Hz Siemens Rp. 259,000
3RT5044 30kW 230V AC Siemens Rp. 1,290,000
3RT2016 4kW 1NC 230V AC 50 / 60Hz Siemens Rp. 279,000

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Functions and Ways of Magnetic AC Contactor

The function of an AC magnetic contactor is as an electrical device that connects and disconnects electric current using minimal power. The workings of an AC contactor are when one contactor is in normal condition, NO is then opened and then when the contactor is active, NO is then closed. At the same time the NC contact is working in normal conditions the NC contact will also be closed then the contact will work and open the NC. Coil is a coil that is powered by an electric current that causes a magnetization so that it will attract contact. One type of contactor that works by electromagnetic method is a good electrical device for securing electricity networks.

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