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Medan, Sumatera Utara
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02 May 2023
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Establishment Year
Medan, Sumatera Utara
Number of employees
10 People
Company Field
Kabel Tray Dan Kabel Ladder, Pipa PPR, Pipa Galvanis, Pipa HDPE, kabel tray
We Sell
Pipa, Pipa Pvc Konduit, Kabel ladder, Pipa PE Duct, Pipa HDPE, Pipa Hitam
CV. JAYA PIPA (JP) is a supplier in the field of piping, providing complete products and solutions for various needs in the installation of water pipes, sewerage pipes installation, electrical / telecommunication cable protective cable, oil & gas production industry, mining industry, cooling, and other pipe installation. Our products include PVC & Fittings Pipe, HDPE & Fittings Pipe, Iron Pipe, Conduit Pipe & Fittings, PPR & Fittings Pipe, Cable Tray / Ladder. The products we offer are new products with the best quality, equipped with certificates. We are committed to provide the best service, on-time delivery of goods and become more innovative business partners Our marketing network covers North Sumatra, Aceh and the whole of Sumatra. We believe our success can only be realized with good collaboration between us and various parties. Call Us : 061-88803315 08121891060 08121891070 081269887589
Lihat Semua
Menjadi perusahaan yang solid dan terpercaya dibidang kebutuhan pipa di indonesia
Selalu berinovasi, untuk mencapai posisi terdepan dan dapat dipercaya, dengan orientasi yang konsisten terhadap kepuasan pelanggan

Kami merupakan salah satu supplier pipa terkemuka dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Produk Pipa yang Kami jual seperti Pipa PPR, Pipa Galvanis, Pipa HDPE, Pipa Besi, Pipa PVC, Pipa Hitam, Pipa Conduit, Pipa Pex dan banyak lagi pipa. Kami menjual pipa terlengkap dan termurah.

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Jaya Pipa
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