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Malang, Jawa Timur
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Mesin Pengolah Sagu Mesin Tepung Sagu
Machine Processing Sago sago flour machineMachine Processing Sago sago flour machine
Rp 18.500.000
27 Feb 2024
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Establishment Year
Malang, Jawa Timur
Number of employees
14 People
Company Field
Mesin Pengemas, Mesin Ukm, Mesin, Mesin Pengemas Produk, Mesin Makanan Minum
We Sell
Mesin Makanan, Mesin Mixer, Mesin Packaging, Mesin Pertanian, Mesin Perkebunan, Mesin Industri
We, Jaya Abadi Teknik provide a variety of appropriate technology machines including food machinery, agricultural machinery and packaging machines. Armed with the experience of various technological machines, we want to help you grow your business from the capacity of household, middle or government agencies. At first we only serve the sales of household scale machines, but in line with consumer demand and technological developments today, now we also serve the ordering of other types of machines. Examples of machines we sell include: egg hatching machine, dodol stirrer, oil slicer (spinner), presto (soft bone), vacuum frying (fruit chips), hand sealer, vacuum sealer, cup sealer, meat rollers, soybeans mill), bread mixer etc. We always strive to serve all your needs and requests. In order to help smooth and success of your business of course. Therefore we also always try to follow the development of the business world in order to create the tools and production machinery you need. To view our products, you can open the PRODUCT page in the Menu Bar at the top of the web. Please look around our products and if any match your business needs then Contact Us Immediately. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Greetings success for us all. Contact Us : 081254702020 081357353113 Jaya Abadi Teknik
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